Flour  handling system- pneumatic  conveying

Flour bags  are  tilted to screw conveyors and its
passes  through vibrating  screen .

Flour then is passed  on to  big storage silos .Flour
is conveyed through  s.s pipes  .Pressurised air  
helps it  to travel  from loading point to  silos .
Screw or lobe type compressors are  used for these
types of application .These silos have level sensors which
stops  compressor once the silos are filled  at maximum

From silos  the conveyors are  used to bring  flour
through screw feeders to weigh hopper where desired
weight of flour is then discharged into

In case  moisture contents  is higher than  normal then
flour  has tendency  to stick to the pipelines and  in extreme  cases block the pipelines . Pneumatic vibrators are used in
various points to avoid this type of situation .

Fluidised  bed  of flour can be used to transfer  flour directly from  bulk silos which are  transported from flour millers .
Agigation is created in these kind of silos which are then carried  to silos of plant .

Bulk handling  of flour has following  advantages                             
Fat  Handling
                                                                                                 Liquid Handling

1. Transportation cost is saved

2. We can have uninterrupted  production

3. We can negotiate better price from vendor a we would getting bulk volumes from them

4. The most important factor we would  be saving  substantial  amount of cost on behalf of
labour which are involved  in loading and unloading .

5. Wastages are  less                         
Flow diagram for Bulk Flour Handling   

                                                     Biscuit manufacturing


Automated  system  for  conveying  flour to the mixing process and storage
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