Automated  system  for  transfering fat to the mixing process and storage

Fat is  transfered to  storage tank  in liquid form . Fat is brought to  bakery production unit in tankers from
the fat manufacturers.

Fat s which comes in various varieties  as refined vegetable oil,refined groundnut oil ,  refined sunflower oil ,
refined palm oil,
or  palmolien and refined palm kernel oil .

Fat Handling system  consists of following  equipments

1. Unloading  pipe - which gets connected to  tankers

2. Unloading pump - these are specific pumps , generally lobe
type which unloads  fat from tankers

3. Storage tank : capacity is as per requirement   such as 10kl,
20kl,30kl , 40kl  .These are insulated  and  heat tracing is done to
prevent  fat from solidifying . Material of construction should be
s.s to prevent  any contamination. Heat tracing can be done
for 1/3 of the height of tank as this volume is  sufficient to  keep
fat in liquid state . Heat tracing is controlled through temperature controller.

4. Loading pump: Loading pump transfers fat from storage tank to the measuring vessel which has load
cells and discharges
when  the desired quantity is achieved .Pipelines are insulated in entire length. Few places where liquid fats  
are not available
fats are brought in either drums or bagon  boxes.which in turn are stored in cold rooms or  in  ware house  
as per requirement.

Advantages  of  bulk handling

1. Transportation cost is saved

2. We can have uninterrupted  production

3. We can negotiate better price from vendor a we would getting bulk volumes from them

4. The most important factor we would  be saving  substantial  amount of cost on behalf of labour which are
involved  in loading
and unloading .

5. Wastages are  less                                                                                                                          

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Flow Diagram for Bulk Fat Handling system in Bakery

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