The process of biscuit grinding is very critical for biscuit manufacturing .Biscuits  which are not
packed as final product due to following reasons are sent for biscuit grinding.

  • Unpacked  biscuits

  • Loose biscuits

  • Defective biscuits at oven end /stacker end , packing machine end .( gauge problem , weight
    variation or shape problem.

These types of biscuits are  transferred  to  biscuit grinding  .Then these grounded biscuits are  sent
to mixing  area where  these grounded biscuits are added as ingredients . Hence there is lots of  
saving  as we are utilising defective  biscuits .
Care must be taken to add these grounded  biscuit  to the same type of variety of biscuit s.
Sometimes bakers add these grounded biscuits to enhance particular color of biscuit .Mixing operator
should also be careful  about the quantity  he add into the dough as excess quantity  can alter the
characteristics of biscuit .

Metal detectors or magnets to be installed at  infeed of biscuit grinder where  metallic parts  can
checked and prevented from going inside the  grinder.

Biscuit grinders are of various type  some are  of  stators and rotor  type which hammers biscuits into
fine particles , where as  others have drum assembly where biscuit are crushed .


Sugar grinding  is required to convert crystal sugar into fine powder which is then put into
dough/batter for better  mixing which gets reflected by better taste  of products .Finer the sugar
powder better the taste . Mesh size varies from 180 -300 mesh size . Sugar can also be added  in
solution form by making invert sugar .
Sugar grinders are available in market from 10kghr to 500kg/hr capacities .
sugar being hygroscopic  the room where the grinding takes should be cool and dry place . Sugar
grinder should be  earthed .Bag filters should be provided  for  collection of fine particles which  other
wise would have been waste .Sugar grinder   has got two basic component  as  rotor and stator .
Where rotors has hammers attached to it and these hammers on higher rpm crushes sugar into fine

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