Conveyor belts  are mounted on various types of conveyor  to  perform transportation of  wet
dough to finished goods to various places.Different types of bakery product requires different  
conveyor belts in manufacturing /mxing/packaging  process.

Factors  which are kept in mind while selecting conveyors belts  are


Bakeries  being food factory  require hygienic condition in material handling as they come into
contact with food stuff . PU are considered to more hygienic then cotton conveyor belts. PU belts
and modular belts can be easily washed where as cotton conveyors are replaced frequently to
maintain hygienic conditions .


PU being hygienic  is costlier than  cotton conveyors  . Cotton conveyors are  low cost substitute
of Pu conveyor belts  but has disadvantage of being  unhygienic if not monitored and changed
regularly  . Small bakery with low budget  unit generally use cotton conveyors . Cotton conveyors
are popular  among bakery plant across developing countries .

Kind of product to carry
Surface of belts are selected  by product type such as dry , wet or oily

Load on the conveyor belt
Thickness of belts  are  decided on load factor ie what is the load on the conveyor

Angle  of  transfer
Conveyors of higher friction coefficient  are used when conveyors have angles


Conveyor material for selected with factors like product temperature  . Metallic conveyor belt are
more suitable for higher temperature s.


Conveyor belts  should be easy  to install and dismantle as well as easy to clean or  repair .
Jointing of PU requires special  arrangement  with heat sealing and chemicals whereas  cotton
conveyors are reapired with on the site sewing machines .

Conveying  Solution

Types of conveyor belt in bakeries

  • Cotton conveyor belt

  • Endless Cotton belts

  • Cotton n Nylon Mix  belt

  • Felt s

  • PU conveyor belt

  • PVC  conveyor belt

  • Metallic slat conveyor

  • Wire mesh and steel bands

  • Chain  conveyors

  • Cleated  Conveyors

PU  Vs Cotton conveyors

Major Supplier of Conveyor belts

Bakery  equipment

Check   different types conveyors in  bakery - product manual

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