Different type of packaging style are  used to pack  biscuit .Most popular  are  following

On the edge packing
On the edge packing  is that packing in which  the  face of the biscuit is perpendicular  to the  biscuit
carrying planes and biscuits  are  packed vertical   either  width wise or  length wise .

Flowrap or pile pack

Flow  rap  biscuit packing is that where the face of the biscuit is parallel to the biscuit carrying planes  
and these  are horizontal lengthwise or widthwise .Major characteristic of these biscuits are that these
can have pile arrangement we can have 1-2-3-4 piles in one pack of biscuits hence  the name pile

3. End   edge packing

Biscuits   are packed  at the end  with the edges of packaging material or X  packing .

4. Vertical pouch packing

Vertical pouch filling  uses weighing hoppers release same amount of biscuit from top  and packed in
vertical pouches .

5.Tray  pack  

Trays are fed into packing machine and they are filled either manually or automatically with cookies or
biscuit and these trays are packed in the packing machine.

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