Energy Balance  Diagram

Under standing Energy balance of biscuit  oven is important   for  energy saving s in baking oven
Input to the oven  is the heat energy from combustion of  fuel  ( lpg , cng , ldo/hsd/ , electrical ) . One
must evaluate the fuel options available  for the factors  such as

* Availability  of fuel
* Cost per unit
* Calorific Value of the fuel
* Maintenance cost on the Burners

Hence the fuel with best value ( calorific value  per unit  x  net cost per unit )  should be  sourced .

Now Oven out put in energy terms  are

Heat Loss during baking of biscuit

Heat  Loss during evaporation of moisture - Flour quality plays important role plus the mixing quality

Heat Loss  through  flue gas - Combustion generates flue  gases which escapes through stacks . Heat
recovery system  can be installed recover this heat  .Air to fuel ratio has to be checked  so as to
prevent excessive heating going out as flue gas .

Heat Loss through radiation - Biscuit Ovens have either duct s or Pipe s through which hat air circulates
. Considerable heat are lost in  these mediums . Good Insulation  can be provided to minimize the loss
of heat through  Biscuit Oven body

Heat Loss in Band Heating  - Band re heating s are now days incorporated  by manufactures by
providing enclosure at the  bottom  through  which  the bands returns  to the feeding end .

For majority of the   Baking Ovens it has been seen that it  utilise' s only  40 - 50%  of the Heat Input .
Efforts  has to be made  for optimisation  of  heat energy


oven energy balance diagram , energy balance , heat losses , waste heat
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