Biscuit s

Several  type of biscuits are available such as sweet , savoury .got better shelf life . Biscuit  
are  now any time snacks and are popular in all age group.Biscuit making consists of four
major process mixing,forming,baking and packing. Mixing is a process where all ingredients
are  put together  in right proportion for dough formation. These ingredient are then fed into
Mixers where mixing is done and dough is prepared for molding .Major ingredients are flour ,
fat ,sugar, emulsifiers and preservatives .


Bread are prepared through dough with fermentation which gives texture and taste . Bread  
major ingredient are flour , fat , sugar , emulsifiers , preservatives.  Bread have several
varieties such as   white, whole wheat , rye , garlic ,multi grain and other traditional types of
bread .Each country has a typical way to prepare breads .


Cakes are prepared from batter made up of flour , fat , sugar and egg .  Different type cakes  
are yeast cakes ,cheese cakes , sponge cakes and butter cakes. Another major varieites are
bar cakes or slice cakes produced in mass scale  where cakes are sliced and packed .

Cup Cakes

Small cake  baked in a aluminium or paper cup , made up pf batter prepared with flour fat
sugar and egg  with frosting on top after being baked

Swiss Rolls

Cream , jams or jellies are spread on baked sheet prepared from batter  and is then rolled and
sliced to make swiss rolls.Popular in european countries. Many flavours are available popular
are vanilla , strawberry and chocolates


Cookies are similar to biscuits in tastes and ingrdients  the only difference is the batter or the
dough preparation . Cookies are  passed through depositors during mass production. Major
ingredients are flour , fat  and sugar .Popular  varieites are  butter cookies , choco chips


Wafers   sheets are prepared  by batter which  is spread into baking plates  . Cream is
sandwiched between these sheets  to make wafer biscuits . Various varities  wafer biscuits are
avaialable such as orange , chocolate , hazlenuts etc . Enrobing can be done to have cream  
spread over them to  look  similar to chocolates . these are called wafer chocolates ,


Waffles is a batter or dough  based cake cooked in  waffle iron patterened  to give distinct
shape . Major ingredients are  flour , fat , sugar and egg.

Tart s

Tart is defined as a single-layered base of pastry (plain or puff) with a sweet or savory filling
baked in either a shallow tart pan that has straight, fluted sides and a removable bottom or a
metal tart ring placed on a baking sheet.   The tart is removed from the tart pan or ring before
serving. Broadly, the term 'tart' encompasses flans, quiches, and pies.   Depending on the
type of tart made they can be served as appetizers, entrees or desserts.  Their size ranges
from bite-size (hors d'oeuvre), individual-size (tartlet) to full-size (tart), Sweet Tarts have filling
of fruits ,jams and custard where as savoury  tarts have cheese,meat , eggs or vegetables  .


Most popular of bakery products in western worlds are croissants are similar to bread rolls . Its
a flaky bread or pastry  mostly available  in french bakeries  named after its unique crescent
shape . Its prepared from leavened for of puff pastry .The yeast dough is layered  with butter ,
folded several times and again rolled to form a sheet  is then baked to get crisp , puffy  

Frozen   Bakery  Products

Popular in  western countries  where people prefer to buy  frozen  bakery products  and
prepare these bakery products at their home . Frozen bakery products could be breads ,
cupcakes , pies ,pastry , pizza base . Few  are  as  simple as "heat and serve "


Small  cubes  of seasoned and fried bread  . Normaly its prepared   by re baking  bread cubes
by frying it in oil  and are served with soup or salad .


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