In Bread manufacturing process baking oven is the major equipment. There are various baking
ovens for bread manufacturing ,for any higher capacities manufacturers often opt for Swing tray
baking ovens .Other model for baking oven for higher volumes of bread production is contray ovens

Swing Trays main drive moves sprockets and chain with which the racks are  hinged with the chain
and this tray swings both ways .These racks hold bread moulds  and carry them  to complete the
baking cycle

Burners can be of ldo ( diesel type ) or cng ( gas type ) . hot air is circulated through circulating fan
in headers either through top and bottom headers or middle and bottom headers .

Swing tray ovens can be designed for 5000 – 50000 loafs per day capacity.

Some of the features in Swing tray Ovens

* Preferred for higher volumes
* Oven chain can be hand-cranked in an emergency  
* The tray's movement is intermittent and controlled by a digital timer  
* Insulated for maximum fuel-efficiency  
* Flue gas does not come in contact with food item being baked  
* Imparts solid top and bottom heat to loaves under baking for uniform results across the length of
the tray  
* Lidding and Unlidding is automatic in swing tray ovens  
* Requires a larger area than other baking oven for the same capacity
* Safety Explosion doors are provided as safety against any explosion

Swing Tray Oven

Rotary Oven

Biscuit  Oven

Wafer Biscuit Oven

Deck  Oven


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