Shrink Wrap  Machine

Shrink wrap is a popular method of packaging among bakery manufacturers as more of private
label customers prefer this kind of packaging . It based of the principle where poly film is heated
and allowed to cool thus the film acquires the shape of the pack through shrinkage

Shrink wrap are commonly used for over wrapping Cartons and Display boxes ,normally of small
sizes .Display boxes are the most used in the bakery industry for shrink wrap application .
Consumers gets clear view of product in this kind of packaging .

Shrink wrapping machine consists of . Heat tunnels or ovens, Heat guns, L-Sealers, and Shrink
Chambers are used for large items. There are also Manual shrink wrap machines that characterize
for being portable, light weight, built to last, and a cost-efficient option for low to moderate
production lines.

Other items such as cartons , beverages bottles , cans and small pallets are shrink wrapped .

Major advantage with shrink wrapping

It helps unitizing i.e. keeping products in a compact form .
Keeps box and product clean
Consumers can views products
Convince to consumers in handling
Helping in palletization
Extra protection

Common shrink wrap films are Polyolefin other material is PVC. Key properties of shrink wrappers
are thickness,shrink, sealability, optics, toughness and slip . Shrink films can be produced in way
where it can shrink only in one direction unidirectional and both ways bidirectional.

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