Rotary oven are suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products like bread, buns, cakes
and cookie. Widely popular among small to medium bakery businesses and is best suited for
bakeries producing  number of varieties .
Rotary oven are with turntable and has stainless steel, body and baking chamber for easy
maintenance. It has one-piece door with heat reflecting glass, specially designed gasket that gives
complete sealing of doors. It has large steel heat exchanger that ensures lower fuel, consumption
and fully indirect heating, from cold to 250°c in 20mts. It has pictorial indicating plate with electronic
digital display. The machine also has steam generators on feed wall for better steaming. It has an
excellent air distribution system for optimum baking performance. Illuminating elements outside main
heating chamber with off facility to reduce electricity bills.
Rotary oven are designed to be easy and safe to use. The thick, overlaping insulation keeps the
heat where it should be,inside the oven ,and forbid to transfer heat to the working environment;.  It
can be heated by electricity ,oil,gas or coal. the control panel can be used for either by hook or
rotating plantform. the large window in the door incorporating heat-reflecting double glazed glass
and the effective internal light permits close observation of the baking process inside the oven.

Rotary  Ovens  have  anti  explosion safety installed for  any explosion inside  the chamber .
Trolleys as per the dimensions of the products are provided or could be fabricated by the bakery
manufacturers  . Trolley once loaded with  dough is placed inside the rotating platform on which this
trolley is stationed .Rotary  oven  thus gives uniform heating  to  the product .Main components are  
Burners , Extracting Fan , Controls and Rotating base

Specification for  Rotary  Oven

Capacity : Varies from 50kg -200kg
Type :  Convection  Oven / Turbo Oven
Fuel :  Electric /Gas/Diesel
Trolleys : Single or Double
Tray :32trays/trolley or 64trays/trolley
Power : 2.0-5.0 kw
Controls : Manual /Automated

Swing Tray Oven

Rotary Oven

Biscuit  Oven

Wafer Biscuit Oven

Deck Oven


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