CHILLING  PLANTS: Cold water requirement  of bakery  industry is mostly met  by  chilling plants
.Cold water are  used in mixer  jackets  in summer to maintain the dough temperatures .
Temperature plays a very vital role in dough  formation .

Chilling  plant are following type

Open type :  Cooling is done in storage tank the refrigerant after expansion is allowed in streams
of pipe which are submerged into  water to exchange heat . water is circulated through pump in
piplines which are insulated. These coils act as evaporative coils.  It has components like
compressor  and condenser .Capacities of chilling plant varies as per the load  eg   7.5 ton to 20
tons . Cooling tower s are required to lower the temperatures of  returing  hot water .Cold water is
also required for mixing of chocolate varieties . Where temperature required are of  5deg c to 6 deg

Closed loop type : Chilled  water is circulated  through a pump  and it circulates within the pipe
.Now days scroll compressor are used in  such type of chillers  which are energy efficient .Pipelines
are insulated through out .

Capacities   varies  from   7.5 ton to  20 tons

The cold water can also be circulated in storage
tanks to maintain temperatures during peak
summer for milk solutions etc

DIRECT  EXPANSION CHILLERS : These  are storage tanks where milk solution are stored for
usage . The expansion  takes between plates which are provided all across the surface of tanks.
These are compact and cna be installed easily at any location . These plate act as evaporative coil
s . Capacities  could be 3.0ton - 5.0 ton .

WALK IN COLD STORAGES: The Automated bakery plants with volumes more than  2ton/day and
more production have  certain raw material which has to  be kept in  cool and dry  place.
Ingredients like fat , butter , chocochips ,  certain additives  are required to be kept in cold places.
To store these products manufacturers have  created  prefabricated panel type walk in cold room .
These cold rooms can be installed/ dismantled easily as these have puf panels.

Cooling is done by  refrigeration units  consisting of evaporative  units , condensing units and
refrigerant  compressors . Temperatures required are -2 deg c to 4 deg c . Capacities of
refrigeration varies from 5.0 ton to 10 ton . Bigger cold rooms or warehoses have ammonia
refrigerant plants to maintain temperatures

DEEP FREEZERS : These are required for  keeping ingredients handy at production site .
Materials from cold room are transferred to  these deep freezers  in batches . These also acts as
storage unit in case of break downs / stoppage of production  due to some reason.

These are compact and have smaller  refrigeration capacities  from 2.0 to 3.0 ton .

REFRIGERATORS: These are  mostly used in  laboratory  where you have to keep certains
vitamins / enzymes and additives  in cold and dry  place . These could be of cap 300ltrs-
500ltrs capacities

REFRIGERATED  VANS:  These  refrigerated  vans are required to  bring  chocolates or butters
from port  or warehouse .

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