Different  types of  Printers are available  
in  Food Packaging  Industry .

Printing  on  primary  packing   are done  by printers which are mounted or coupled  with packing machine
where as secondary packing printing is done by  printers which are mounted or  placed at different place
other than packing machine .

Dry touch printers

Ink rolls are used to put ink on brass characters which results in impressions on  laminates or
wrappersmHeating results  into ink roll  squeezing out ink to the brass characters these then comes into
contact of packing material and put impression on the predefined space

Ink jet Printers

Ink  are   passed thru printers  in jet form  which are then transferred  to  laminates or carton  boxes.
pumps and ink reservoir are main component

Thermal ribbon type printers:

Printers uses  thermal ribbon instead  of  ink rolls or ink jets  for printing .These technology is now popular
as its precise ,low cost on consumable and clean

Offline  small  character  printers .

These  printers are popular  for offline printing for biscuit ,bread or cake
packets . Messages  can be entered in the printers memory 3- 4line
message can be operated . These printers  are portable and can be
installed any where in production hall.Multilingual facility is there in this
printer . Ink ,solvent for washing  and filters are common spares for such
printers  , popular printers are linx  and imaje

Large  character  printer  offline

Similiar printer for   large characters on cartons it requires  a stand to be erected and operated.

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