BOILERS : Depending on the capacity of plant  these  boilers are selected . Steam is
important factor in bread production plant . Steam  provides a moist and humid
environment to
dough  which has yeast . Yeast growth  releases co2  which then form the texture of the
bread as these gas are entrapped in dough.

Steam is also used to heat water which is  then  circulated into  jacketed mixers ,
storage tanks
Hot water is required to maintain  viscosity of  fat , sugar solution and butter .Dough

Steam  is also used in biscuit plant to moist the  cutting webs  so as to get better cutting
of  dough sheets. Hot water are widely  used for cleaning of utensils in bakery

Smaller boilers are used in smaller bread plants  these are called "" baby boilers "'

HOT WATER GENERATORS:  These hot water generators are replacing boilers for  hot
application . These have  shell  in which water flows and are heated by flue gases which
flows through anothers set of  tubes . Water are circulated  through pumps into
pipelines which are insulated .

HEATERS: For smaller application immersion heaters are used heat water or fat  for oil
machines . Ratings are from 2kw  to 6kw as per the requirement . Heater elements are
enclosed s.s pipes and are then immersed   directly or indirectly to heat water or melt fat
or butter .

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