Moulding Machine/ Pressure Board  &  Hander Up
In  Bread Manufacturing
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One of  the basic  equipments  in  bread manufacturing  which gives  spherical  shape  to
the dough which has irregular shape  coming out of  divider . Rounder Up has  Conical  
surface  where dough pieces travels  from bottom and exits  from top   to  inter provers.
This  shape  spherical  dough pieces  helps  in getting  final shape at  final prover at
panning . Hander up  circumferencial speed is matched with  dividers out put and inter
provers  trays .Dough piece travels  into  metallic guides which are attached to Hander Up

Hander Up  has  blower  to  dry up  wet  dough  so as to improve  its  movement along the
curvelinear path .

Drive through motor  and gear box .It is also  referred as dough  rounder


Dough piece which are spherical  in shapes  travels  to  Bread Moulding machines from
Interprover . Dough pieces  are fed into  moulder from top  after  which these dough pieces
are flattened  with help  of  sets of rollers  operating  in moulders . These moulders
are driven through chain sprocket  drive . Speed s are set  in ascending orders for sets of
roller which pushes  dough piece forward to  next set of rollers   .Normally three set rollers
are found in moulding machine.

Pressure boards  caould either independent unit with conveyor or  can pe part with bread
moulding machine as shown in above pic. Pressure board  is  laminated  board which
transform  flattened dough piece into cylindrical shape as flattened rolls up due to  to
resistance . Pressure board could be lowered or moved  up as per requirement through
tightening screws . These cylindrical shaped  dough pieces could be easily  twisted and
panned during final proving and  to give better texture during baking

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