Basic  components  of horizontal flow wrap  machines

Horizontal  flow wrap  machines  are widely used in biscuit , cookies , bread and cake  packaging .
Different types of packaging formats are   available  in  horizontal  flow wrap  machine . We  have  
complex  to simple  horizontal flow wrap machine ( HFW )

Basic HFW  machines classifications are

1.On the  Edge packing machine       2.Pile type       3.  Cream sandwiching type  4. Single lane   5.
Multi lane

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Basic terms which are used  for  HFW  packing machine

  • Auto feeders

  • Feeding chutes

  • Cross feed

  • Infeed Chain

  • Infeed Lugs

  • Lateral Chain

  • Lateral Lugs

  • Stack Length

  • Cut off length

  • Change Over parts

  • Serrations

  • Forming box

  • Eye mark sensor

  • Eye mark

  • Round Heater

  • Cutter/Knife

  • Dwell Time

  • Anvil

  • Packet Per Minute

  • On the Edge

  • Pile

  • Pillow Pack

  • Jaws

  • Printer

  • Flexible laminates/wrapper

  • Forward and reverse  correction

  • Jogg

  • Gussett  fold

  • Heat seal  or  cold  seal

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Basic components of horizontal flow wrap machine
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