Private labels  getting into  competition

Report, based on a consumer survey, reveals that while the adoption of private labels
began with its value proposition, consumers perceive these store brands are offering
quality at par with other national brands.

New Sets of manufacturers have sprung up to cater this private label requirements or
manufacturers with idle capacity see this as good opportunity .Bringing extra jobs and
employment .

Private label products concepts which has been successful and initiated by  many
super markets , malls , mega marts  convenience  stores   are now being taken over
by individual entrepreneurs , businessmen and investors . Private label concepts is
giving tough times to branded biscuit  category world over  .  Business groups who
have money to invest are following this route  for  profits .

Advantages for  private label products

Investors need not to spend on assets

Test market  for  any product

New Product development

No overheads  for this kind of business

Manufacturer with Idle capacity can  have orders

Big Brands manufacturers have to innovate , launch new products with lower price
strategy to counter this private label products invasion. Trade margins to be re worked
with big retailers

Bakery retail in India

Private labels  

Why Mnc's have  failed in India
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