Waste Heat recovery  from biscuit oven stacks

Biscuit ovens normally consists of  4-5 stacks in an oven . These stacks  are there to release
flue gases due  to  combustion  in the fire tubes.

Biscuit manufacturing involves high temperatures for baking .Various type of ovens are
available for baking bakery products . Heat recovery can be done for biscuit oven which has
5 - 6 zones basically in indirect Oven .As temperatures are very high ( 400-500degc) on
infeed end these stacks are then joined to a common duct which collects heat from these
stacks with help of blower and then these flue gases is passed onto the last zone which
requires low temperature . This temperature is as low as 180- 200 degc can be attained by
circulating flue gases collected in common duct from these stacks .This eleminates need of
one burner all together at coloring zone or last zone .

Fuel is saved by implementing this kind of arrangement . 15 ltrs-20ltrs /hr can be saved

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