How  To Increase  Plant Out Put  In A  Bakery  

Yield  can be defined as finished products per unit of inputs for example  100 cartons per x kg of flour
. Manufacturing units  have certain wastages which if  reduced or eliminated can enhance out put of
the process . bakery processes  such as mixing , forming and baking have certain wastages which
results into  wastages .  Other  wastages can be  considered as give aways  such as excessive weight
.Here are few process in bakery which results  into wastages and low yield .Pre mixing Area Flour  and
Sugar Dust wastages at  sifters  and during bulk transfer through pneumatic conveying to silos .These
can be reduced and eliminated by  proper maintenance of equipments and tightening of fastener and
gasket where ever possible s. Conveying pipelines have flanges which when loose can result in flour
or sugar wastage .  Sweepings can show the extent of flour or sugar dust wasted .

Mixing  AreaMixers  are the most important equipment which prepares the dough  dough leakages
and spillages can be eliminated by providing proper inlets to mixers and unloading of dough in trolleys
and dough trucks .

Forming Sections Bread Dough leakages are found at  Dividers  which can be reduce by proper
maintenance . Over weight dough pieces can go to the next phase if not checked  mechanical dividers
sometimes give overweight dough pieces .Flour dusting if done has to be monitored .Biscuit Dough
leakages are found at laminators rolls , gauge rolls  and moulders  these can be reduced by providing
flanges at the sides .

Moulders /Cutter if not set properly can results in over weight product which results in lower yields.
Weights are to be checked in regular interval  at this stage .Flour Dusting done has to be monitored
regularly .Baking Burner Parameters ( Temperatures ) to be monitored continuously  which  if not
done can result into unbaked or over baked products which has to be rejected .

Packing Major problem in packaging are defective packing due to  labels ,sealing problem  or Under
weight /Overweight rejections ( has to be rectified at forming section or baking section ) .Packaging
parameters to be monitored regularly for any packing defects as these results in

REWORK which  again reduce  the Yield . Spillages Most of the liquid ingredients which are  
transferred through pipelines are to be checked for spillages such as Fat , Milk , Butter  etc

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