Personal protective equipments in bakery -Safety shoes  

Safety  of  employee  should be  of prime importance to  bakery plant owners  and plant managers .
Bakeries do  report accidents and safety  related incidents  in factories .Its mandatory in many
countries  to provide  industrial safety shoes to its worker  who are working in risk prone areas .
Workers performing  roles such  as plant maintenance workers , plumbers , electrician ,operators  and
contract labours performing loading and unloading of heavy loads or equipments.Most common
incidents are  electric  shocks  or  slippages in bakeries .Plant managers  should  ensure  that
workers involved in above mentioned activities are provided safety shoes in regular intervals . ISO
-9000 , ISO- 14000 , OSHA  and GMPS    have some or the other SOP s on workers  safety . OSHA
defines safety  shoes in its  personal protectives equipments  as shoes having  heat resistant  soles
and  impact resistant toes .Others with metallic insole and providing workers from electrical shocks.Its  
has been observed that taking precautions and wearing personal  protective gadgets  reduces rate of
accidents and improve productivity

Workers  requires protection  from

Heat  ( High temperatures  in oven area )

Impact or Shock (  Maintenance or Lifting jobs )

Slippery surface( Oil  and water leakages or spillages )

Electrical shocks (  Electricians ).

Chemical  s (  Mixing sections  or  cleaning operations )

Industrial safety  shoes are normally made up  good quality  leather  with  steel toe cap  in front  to
save foots from heavy impact   and with Pu soles  International followed by these shoe manufacturers
is  European standards for safety shoes   BS EN ISO 20345 :2004/A12007. Safety shoes   should be  
comfortable , durable  and light weight .Options are available  for  workers to  choose high ankle or
low  ankle safety shoes . Plant managers should get   safety shoes from  approved vendors from
which  have been certified by  authorities  . Safety  shoes  can help  in bringing accidents rate in
bakeries  to minimum levels .


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