How  To Enhance  Labour Productivity   In A  Bakery  

Increasing labor productivity in your bakery means increasing value added per worker or per hour
worked.Many bakery plants in developing world are labor intensive  .Workers  are involved in most of
the jobs such as transportation , packaging , feeding to mixers and packing machines , unloading and
loading at stores and dispatch , Material movement inside production hall ,Ingredient preparation  ,
Hygiene and sanitation , pest  control , rework , taping , sealing and other miscellaneous activity .
Output of any manufacturing unit can be increased by automation  or  capital investment but it would
require major capital investment which most of the bakeries are not in position to do .Hence other
options are smaller modifications in plant layout  to increase productivity,discovering any new recipe
with lower  cost ingredients  or  optimize time of process .

Options for labor productivity  are either  you control on several wastages in labor activity or Innovate
in process.Wastages which  results in  low productivity  are Waste during Operations  -Too much
handling of products and  packing material .Waste of Movement – To much movement in packing
section where movements involves                                     .

  • Packing material from stores to shop floor                                      
  • Changeover  to different product                                    
  • Re work of rejected packets                                      
  • Taping on cartons                                      
  • Labeling , coding , stickering  and strapping                                      
  • Transferring carton boxes  to pallets

Waste on Rework -  Companies are focused for  production figures rather than quality products
through  process with quality checks in place.  Rejected materials are then re worked for packaging
involving labor .World class measures defects in parts per millions ( PPM)  where as here in our
country budgeted defects are in terms of 5%-3%.Physical strain and stress on workers – Process
have certain activity where workers are physically stressed or strained impacting productivity  . One of
them is material handling   which can be reduced by having equipments such as pallets trucks ,
trolleys , chain hoist , drum tilters , forklifts etc.Working Environment also adds to worker productivity  
companies have to provide dust proof ,proper ambience in their factory to work .Few standards are  
mentioned in Factory Act which relates to  min and max weight s which a worker can handle  , noise ,
sanitation , height and lighting of factory

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