Gasifier  Low cost source of  fuel  in Bakery

In one of   my post  on energy balance    we got  response from a gasifier  manufacturers  M/s Infinite  
Energy P ltd  who have  pioneered  biomass conversion  and its application to bakery industry with
processes like  biomass gassification,biomass pyrolysis , biomass briquetting and biomass drying.  I
thought  to post a article on this technology .

With increase in fuel prices the bakery manufacturers  are now experimenting for low cost technology  to
save fuel cost . One such  technology is  gasification . Thermal gasification is a process that converts
biomass usually consisting  of  fire wood  into burnable gas or in other words to get producer gas . The
producer gas  can be piped from the gasifier  to ovens which  is burnt  in specially designed burners .
Wood can be replaced  with biomass briquettes , rice husk , coconut shell or any other  powdered  
biomass in the process.

Gasifier  is basically  a chemical reactor  where  reactions like pyrolysis , combustion and reduction  
takes place .It effectively replaces the  expensive liquid gases with  low cost  wood  without any change  
in operations .

Advantage of  gasifier  are  that they  use low cost fuel such as wood and  ensures minimum energy loss
. Dry gas generators  improve overall thermal efficiency .  Most of the operations have been automated
except for  the biomass feeding and  ash disposal which are at present done manually . Other
advantage  of such gasifiers are  its has low waste generation  and zero liquid effluent.

Indian companies which have installed gasifier

Ravi food , Hyderabad

Raj Agaro Hyderabad

Sururchi Biscuit Kolkata

Satya Biscuit , BHOPAL

Suraj Biscuit, Rajkot

Harvest Gold

Super Bakers , Vadodara

Kushboo Namkeen

You can contact

Infinite Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Regd Office: 1 floor,”Baba house”,149 A,kilokri,opp.Maharani Bagh,New Delhi 110014
Works: Village-Bakhri,opp sainik colony,Faridabad,Haryana

Ph: 011-65273819,65191937

Mob: 9212084933

Fax: 011-26903696


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