Energy  Balance of  Biscuit Oven

Under standing Energy balance of biscuit  oven is important   for  energy saving s in baking oven
Input to the oven  is the heat energy from combustion of  fuel  ( lpg , cng , ldo/hsd/ , electrical ) . One
must evaluate the fuel options available  for the factors  such as Availability  of fuelCost per unit
Calorific Value of the fuelMaintenance cost on the BurnersHence the fuel with best value ( calorific
value  per unit  x  net cost per unit )  should be  sourced .

Now Oven out put in energy terms  are Heat Loss during baking of biscuit Heat  Loss during
evaporation of moisture - Flour quality plays important role plus the mixing qualityHeat Loss  through  
flue gas - Combustion generates flue  gases which escapes through stacks . Heat recovery system  
can be installed recover this heat  .Air to fuel ratio has to be checked  so as to prevent excessive
heating going out as flue gas .

Heat Loss through radiation - Biscuit Ovens have either duct s or Pipe s through which hat air
circulates . Considerable heat are lost in  these mediums . Good Insulation  can be provided to
minimize the loss of heat through  Biscuit Oven bodyHeat Loss in Band Heating  - Band re heating s
are now days incorporated  by manufactures by providing enclosure at the  bottom  through  which  
the bands returns  to the feeding end .For majority of the   Baking Ovens it has been seen that it  
utilise' s only  40 - 50%  of the Heat Input . Efforts  has to be made  for optimisation  of  heat energy

Energy Balance Diagram

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