Fat is major Ingredient of any bakery product after flour and sugar . Fat is considered to result any
many diseases and main factor for obesity.Bakery product manufacturer has started labelling as zero
trans fat product . This is due to heighten consumer awareness and other international brands like
Mcvities and other declaring there product as zero trans fat .Any serving have less than 0.5grams of
trans fat and it doesnot mean that it has zero fat .Trans fat (also known as trans fatty acids) is formed
when liquid vegetable oils go through the chemical process of hydrogenation to make the oils more
solid. This gives food a longer shelf-life and can improve taste, shape and texture. Some trans fat
also is found naturally in small amounts in certain meat and dairy products.Partial hydrogenation, the
process used to increase shelf-life of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) / vegetable oils creates
trans fatty acids.

Many studies have demonstrated that trans fatty acids increase the clot forming tendency much more
than saturated fats, by not only increasing LDL cholesterol to similar levels but also by decreasing the
high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, (which is the good cholesterol). Several studies have found
that intake of non natural trans fatty acids increases the risk of coronary heart disease Most trans
fatty acids are contributed by industrially hardened oils. Even though trans fatty acids have been
reduced or eliminated from retail fats and spreads in many parts of the world, generally available
deep-fried foods and baked goods are a major and increasing source.These are then substituted by
Palm oil

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