Bakery waste management

Bakery process generates lots of waste which can be either disposed of or can be recycled in many
cases .Waste which are generated areProcess wasteDough Flour dustSugar dustBurnt biscuits
Broken BiscuitBurnt loaves or rejected loaves Market returned old bakery productsThese can be sold
out to suppliers who deals into cattle feeding .

Precaution should be taken that none of these have contamination so that it can be used for cattle

Waste  Generated in bakery process

  • PackagingWrappers
  • Tins Cardboard boxes
  • Bags
  • Cores
  • PolytheneSacks
  • Plastic Trays
  • Pallets
(Most of these are can be recycled by packaging material suppliers )

  • Solid waste Metallic scrap
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Papers
  • Bakery waste water dry Sludge

Metallic scrap can be sold to scrap merchants , Dry Sludge and other can be sold to land filling
contractors.Bakery waste water can be treated can be used for gardening and other cleaning
purpose.Other waste are Fat & oil contaminated Spent Oil from machinerycould be sold to recyclers .

Pvc Strip door curtains

Electric fly Killer

Pest  Control  management

Industrial  Floor cleaning equipments

Quality Parameters

Eggs standards

E number for food additives in bakery

Food grade lubricants  application in bakery

Rancidity in fats and oils

waste  management

Food safety management systems

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