Milk Spray Unit  For  Biscuit Production Line  

Spiral  Conveyor  saves  space in a bakery

Spiral conveyors have wide applications in bakery industry . Main advantage is that it occupies less
floor space . Spiral conveyors can be used for cooling , shifting finished goods , cartons , bags and
boxes .Acts like elevator or lowerator .It could be installed after packing section for finished good
cartons or near warehouse to shift CBBS ,Laminates and Wrappers to and from mezzanine floors .
Span of conveyor could be between 8 ft - 4 ft and angle of inclination of the conveyor is maintained
between 9 deg - 11 deg so that material does not slip .

Conveyor could be slat conveyor , roller conveyors or belt conveyors as per requirement . Spiral
conveyor has a single motor drive hence saving in energy . Spiral conveyor manufacturer normally
assemble it at their fabrication shop and ship them as pre- fabricated way easy to assemble mode .
Spiral conveyor can travel in both direction ie from bottom to top or from top to bottom .Smaller
bakeries have lot to gain from such conveyors

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