Different types of Oven Bands In A Baking  Ovens

Travelling oven Or Conveyor ovens  consist s of Bands which travels  through the oven with the
product to complete the baking cycle of the product .These bands are kept on feed end and delivery
end drums  and the tension is provided either by weights or pneumatic pressure .Drive is given through
motors to the drum .  High Temperature  elongates the band  the tension provided by weight or
pneumatic pressure keeps the band from falling .Several type of Wire bands are  used as per the

1. Articulated Wire Mesh  : These kind   wire mesh  are mostly  are used in biscuit ovens  and biscuit
manufacturing . Wire mesh  specifications covers.Length x Width SWG : 16/18/22Mesh Type =  Z
-47Sides Welded Or OpenS.S or M.SThese  Wire Mesh are joined together  with  spiral links  provided
by the wire band manufacturers. Good wire band can run for at least 5- 6 years . Most of the
manufacturers  source it from wire band manufacturers . Cleaning requires scrubbing band by
mechanical means or putting of  bees  wax to melt on the surface of wire mesh which carries  dust
alongwith it .

2. Flat Steel Band :  These are used in travelling ovens which uses  batter  or  viscous  dough for  
baking . These flat bands made of  Stainless Steel  mostly used for products like Cookies ,  Swiss Rolls  
and Cakes .Flat bands are ordered as following specs. Costlier than Wire mesh Bands . Cleaning
consume large amount water .Thickness ( SWG)Length xWidth

3. Modular Type Wire Mesh  :  These are baking band on which  either bread/buns/Rusk  are kept
directly on the  modular band . The bands carries these mould or  baking trays through  baking oven .
Small bakeries normally opt these kind of travelling oven.Tracking of band  is a occurs due to
tensioning   and can be adjusted through adjusting feed or delivery drums

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