Hybrid ovens  advantage  over other biscuit oven

I had opportunity to work with different type ovens in biscuit factory . They have direct fired
ovens and indirect fired ovens . Basically Oven types are selected with following parameters .

Type of Product

Both direct and indirect ovens have few disadvantages and advantages as far as biscuit
production is concerned .Direct ovens are generally used with cracker variety
As greater heating is required during baking stage . It has got numerous burners at bottom and
top of the oven band .Direct fired operates generally on gas . Controls are less in direct oven
.Less energy is consumed in direct oven .

Indirect ovens uses circulating fans to heat pipes or plenum in different zones . Used generally
for moulding variety of biscuit as gradual heating is preferred for such type of oven . Control
are more in indirect ovens . Energy is consumed more in Indirect oven .

20-30% ( direct ) to 70%-80% ( indirect )
20-30% ( direct ) to 70%-80% ( indirect )

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