High Pressure burners for bakery ovens

One can choose from WEISHAUPT burners or BENTONE burners for which Indian
dealers are  available .

Now that we have options to run biscuit ovens and bread ovens on CNG OR LPG
these high pressure burners can be easily converted into gas fired burners .
Hence while procuring these burners please select dual fuel model of burners .

Major advantage of the high pressure burners for bakery ovens are

  • Easy to install and dismantle

  • Fuel  efficient

  • Very few accessories

  • Safe - safety interlocking s present

  • Energy efficients

  • Convertible to another fuel

  • Highly automated

  • Less maintenance

  • Less spares inventory

  • Clean  & less pollution during combustion

These burners has been popular in bakery industry . Orders can be placed
directly to manufacturers or authorised dealers in India . Important spare  which  
are required often for these burners are
Sequence Controller , Pump , Nozzles ,  Ignition Electrodes , Photocells

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