Gyroscreen flour  sifter  - A better way to sift  flour

In Big bakeries where  production are very large and volume of flour to be screened is more then
these vibratory gryoscreens are used with great success .

Sifters application was manually in many cases and rate of screening very slow now with these
vibratory gyroscreen we can screen large amount of flour for process .PrincipleIt works on the
pricnicple that when flour is subjected to vibratory motion the larger particles tend s to shift to
periphery of the screen where the smaller particles drops to the next level . There are two or three
layers of mesh of different sizes normally 38 , 36 , 34 , 32 as per the requirement .How it worksVibro
screen are driven by a special type of vertically mounted motor having eccentric at the upper & lower
end of the shaft.

Rotation of out of balance top weight causes vibration in Horizontal plane whereas the rotation of
lower weight causes tilt & vibrations in vertical plane.

Major manufacturers of gyroscreen in India are

Seperation Engineers

IndiaPremium Vijimech Pvt Ltd

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