Carton sealing  machine

Finished product s be it  in biscuit/cookies  manufacturing plant or slab  cake production plants  are
transhipped  into retailers  from  production hall  in cartons . Cartons  or CBB are either supplied in
pre- form or  formed into  cartons . Cartons  are  filled or stuffed by these packs . The popular  
configuration  available for  cartons are that of 1.5 kg , 2.5 kg , 5kg or 6kg . These carton are sealed  
either from top or both from top and bottom by carton sealing machines . These carton sealing
machines have adhesive  tape mounted on them which are then pressed onto the flaps of  carton
and  sealing is done .
Cut- off  Length of tape could be adjusted through adjusting mechanism.Different type of carton
sealer s are available  in  the market . Bakery product  Manufacturers need to check  their

  • Fixed dimensions type - carton sealers

  • Top tape head type - top sealing for cartons ( pre formed  cartons )

  • Top and bottom sealing type-  ( in case of erectors are part of case sealing)

  • Automatic adjustment as per carton dimension type - Random Sealer  ( multi dimensions)
Height  can be adjusted manually or can be automated .

  • Hot  Melt  type  sealers  ( instead of  tape cartons covers are sealed through glue )

Carton sealer machine manufacturers  have  made these  taping device to sense the dimensions
through sensors  and adjust the height of arms  automatically .Coders  are installed with carton
sealers to put codes on cartons . The rubber belt  which holds the cartons and carries it to the taping
head is  the most consumed spare  part  in carton sealers .

Basic principle of carton sealing machine Head consists of  roller which  presses  the tape on to the  
carton  and after  a particular length the cutter cuts the tapes due to spring pressure
Important parts  of carton sealing machines . Manual feeding is done where operator  folds the top
flaps  and pushes carton to the taping machine . Automatic carton sealers with  flap folders dont
require manual folding of  flaps .

Main Features of  Carton sealing machine
  • Mandrel hold tapes
  • Head
  • Cutter
  • Bottom and top pressure roller
  • Side rollers
  • Sliding Guide  to lower  or raise the support as per the requirement

Accessories  which can be added to  carton sealing applications

  • Carton counter
  • Infeed & outfeed roller conveyors
  • Power saver: auto-stop on/off machanism
  • On-line batch coder
  • Auto coder
  • On-line check weigher

Carton sealing machine specifications
Power supply 1P 110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz 300W/470W
Sealing speed -cartons/min Carton size -L() x W() x H()mm Tape size -48-72mm(Kraft or BOPP tape)
Machine size -L() x W() x H()mm

Popular Brand of carton sealer in bakery manufacturing units are
  • Commarme
  • 3M
  • ITW Signode

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