Bread Dough Divider

Bread dough divider is one of the critical equipment in bread automated manufacturing . Its main
function is to  divide dough into number of equal  dough pieces.Mostly  Bread Dough dividers are
mechanical  devices  with manual adjustment but we can opt  for more automated dividers  with HMI  
integrated to its operation where operators can  change variables from pre programmed software.
Basic design are either Crank driven  divider or Hydraulic systems which operates  the ejector , ram ,
knife , collector  controlled   by hydraulic directional  valves .

Most used Divider with medium to small bakery are  Crank type mechanical dividers . Its a  device
which uses common crank to cut , push and drop  dough piece into equal pieces on the conveyor.
Volume adjustment can be done to correct the weight of these dough piece . Screw along with L –link
which change the volume of cylinders to fine tune weights of the dough piece .Dividers  are rated  by
Capacity  = Strokes /Min  Or   Dough Pieces Per Minutes We can get bread dough  dividers   which
can cut and drop  2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9  dough pieces  and are called tandem dividers .It has been
observed that  initially  the dough is less extensible  but as the time lapses it becomes softer  which
affects the weight of dough pieces at bread dough dividers . Hence operator to continuously  adjust  
and monitor the  volume of the  cylinder.Features to  check  for Hydraulic  

Bread Dividers HMI  to be integrated with hydraulic system of bread dividerAutomatic lubrication
systemCleaning arrangements for ram , ejector , knife and collector box.Knife made up of Stainless
SteelRemote weight control arrangement Water wash down to clean entire bread dividerCross and
inclined conveyorFlour duster

Major bakery equipment manufacturers are

Baker Perkins

Werner and Pfliederer

The Peerless group

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