Biscuit Grinders

Biscuit  manufacturing generates waste in form of  Loose biscuits Over weight biscuitsUnder weight
biscuitsUnpacked biscuitsOven droppingRejection due to colorRejection due to ingredients Trial  
waste Packing machine rejectionsPacking defective These if not recycled can result in huge loss of
money labour  fuel and packaging  for the company  . The best way to recover some value is to
recycle these biscuits .

These biscuits should be collected in hygienic ways in s.s  containers  without being contaminated  
and with help of biscuit grinder turned into biscuit powder which can easily  be  used in fresh batch of
mixing . Normally 1-2% of batch weight can be biscuit dust without affecting the dough properties .
Ensure that  biscuit powder is labeled as per the variety  and is added in the similar variety .

Excess addition can affect the quality of the biscuit .Various type of Biscuit grinders are available in
market Rotary type   biscuit grindersHammer type  grinders Principle  of biscuit grinder is that these
defective biscuits are put into either pin type or hammer type grinders which on higher rpm reduces
these biscuits into fine dust . We can always adjust these elements to increase or decrease  the
powder size .

Keep these  biscuit powder either in s.s enclosed containers or  food grade  plastic bags . Ensure that
Rejected biscuits are screened with metal detectors installed on the feeding conveyor .Popular
Grinders are  from   equipment  

International equipment manufacturer

Stephan Machinery


Indian Biscuit Grinders can be sourced from

Kaps Engineer ,Mangal Machinery

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