Bakery  Industry  requires good laboratory facilities to check and ensure good inputs to bakery
products . Lab equipments are required to maintain good quality of raw material , pakaging  
material and  ensure better shelf life of product.

Following  are major   equipments for  bakery labs

Alevio graph meter

The equipment is required for  test flour strength .It plots the p/l ratio by which we can  check
the flour quality and can classify them into weak or strong flour .

Rancidity check meter

This equipment   is  required to check the  rancidity of oil which is very important quality of fat
which has to be measured before use .

Muffle  Furnace

It is required  to measure the moisture content  of flour

Humidity and temperature recorder

It is required to check humidity  in storage area and  in preparation rooms

Refractometer : Used measure refractive index of solution like colors , flavours

Brix meter : Used to check  brix  value  of sugar solutions .

pH  Meter .

It is required for  measuring  pH of  Dough , Milk ,Invert Sugar syrup, water etc used in bakery

Titration  Unit

To  measure  starch , carbohydrate , proteins , etc in  raw material s etc

Bursting Strength  Measuring  Equipment .

It is required to check the  bursting strength of cantons and  others packaging boxes.

Micrometer and Vernier Calliper

Required for  measuring thickness of laminates and wrapper

Temperature   measuring  sensors

Required  for measuring  temperatures at  different application .

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