These  are petroleum  product  which  are  obtained by  refining   of   crude
oil . High speed diesel  oil  has distilled  content   of  petroleum .where as
light diesel oil has combination of distilled content  and residual o f distillation
where as  reheating furnace oil is all  residual  content  and is used for furnaces.

These oil have different  viscosity , octane numbers and calorific value .Cost wise  
HSD  is costlier than  LDO  .Whereas  RFO  is the cheapest  form of fuel .

Companies which cannot avail  lpg , cng or lng uses these petro product  as fuel.

Cost  of  gas  varies from  geographies  to geographies and location . These are  
stored  in Underground tanks or  Overhead Tanks . Pumps are installed  at
these storage tanks  and fuel is then pumped  to  ovens . Safety precautions has to be
taken as  these are highly inflammable  products . Air vents has to be provided for
under ground tanks as vapours get collected in tank . Tankers
must   have earthing  as to insulate tanker from any kind of spark .Rules and acts  are
given petroleum act  of government .


Electrical energy is also used as fuel in some places  where  electrical energy
iare cheap or other  fuels are not  available . Electrical energy are mostly used in small
ovens .
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