Burners are important part  of any oven in bakery industry . Burners can be classified  in following

  • Gas fired

  • Oil  fired
  • Light Oil
  • Heavy Oil

  • Dual fuel
  • Natural gas & Light Oil
  • Natural gas & Heavy Oil

  • High pressure burners

  • Low pressure burners

  • Single stage

  • Dual stage

  • Direct  fired burners

Selection of burners have to done as per requirement .Now days new type of burners are available which are
energy efficient , low pollution and are fuel efficient .Burner have safety features attached which prevents from
fire explosion or fire hazard.

Wesman north american  burner

These burners are conventional burners  and can be used for gas and oil .

Primary and secondary air for combustion is supplied by high rpm blower .ratio trol  and sensi trol  are installed in
burner circuit   to control air fuel ratio

pumps are used from fuel tank to  burners .uv flame detectors are used in burner circuit stop blower and burner
in case of flame failure. Electrodes  are used  for spark which ignites flame .

Flame adjustment through  mechanical levers .

Disadvantages of these burners  are that these high energy consuming burners . burners have to controlled
manually to reduce temperatures .hence high fuel consumption.The only advantage it has over other burners
is that we can use  it  for low quality fuel like  Furnance oil.Burner block are heavy  has difficulty during
installation and  dismantling. Maintenance  cost is more of such type of burner.

Single stage high pressure  bentone  burners

These burners are  compact and have pump attached with burner which give high pressure oil  for atomisation.
with blower also attached to burner for air .electrodes are present for spark . Can be easily installed and
dismantled.   Elect Energy  and fuel are saved as it has  electronic cards which allows burner to restart  once the
burner stops after achieving  desired temperature. Good for small ovens . It is fuel efficient and has got simple
operations . Different sets of nozzles can be installed in burner s as per requirement.Available in gas and oil fired

Dual  stage type  high pressure - weishaupt burners

Weishpaut burners have been introduced in bakeries presently which has proved to be fuel and power
efficient .It  is compact  burner pump and blower attached to th body .Gas and oil models are available
with G & L series .Burner has mechanism of two stage firing as temperatures goes on higher side it
operates in two stages . This can help i increasing in fuel efficiency of burner .Installation &dismantling
is simple . Various nozzles sizes  are available works on sequence controllers .

Important spares for  burner being  Fuel pumps , Nozzles , Electrodes , Sequence controller ,Ignition
transformer , Flame sensor ( Photo cell ) ,Modulating dampers .

Specifications  of burners

Ouput   =  min/max - Kcal/Hr
       min/max-  Kw

Gas Firing rate  =  min/max -Cu.Mtr / Hr

Oil  Firing Rate  =  min/max -  Kg/Hr

Operations  =  Progressive  Or   Modulating         


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