Bread , cakes and other bakery products   use  moulds , pans and trays  during baking .Dough or
batter are placed into various types of moulds , pans or trays  during manufacturing process
.Bread moulds are  also used during  proofing as dough gets fermented and rises at the top of the
mould  which are then covered by lid s  during  baking .

Material of  construction

Industrial moulds are made up of tin, aluminium , silicone  and  alloysteel with tin coating s or
aluminised  steel sheets with food grade coating s on it . These moulds can be manufactured as
per  specifications proived by the bread  manufacturers keeping in view  the plant design  such as
two pockets , three pockets or four pockets  or even multiple pockets as per  baking oven
configuration . Dimensions are given to the mould manufacturers  in advance to fabricate moulds  
for specific volume  such as 300gm, 600gms or 800 gms .Special  moulds  are made for  breads  
such as round bread , buns , rusk and hot dogs .
Baking lids are used to cover the moulds and protect  bread dough from spilling or any foriegn
particle contamination .

Moulds are generally greased befor dough is put into it for better release  after baking .Standards
are provided in BIS standards for moulds .

Cake moulds  can be grouped into   bar type  cakes and decorative  cakes . For bar types cakes
hae  box type configuartion where as decorative cakes have open cylindrical  shape for  baking
.several  shape and sizes are available for  cake manufacturing . muffins and cupcakes  moulds
could be of  silicaon instead of metallic moulds .Silicone moulds are lighter and have better
release than metallic moulds or pans

Various  types of  bread and cake moulds

Different shapes such as  Round , Square , Oval , Diamond , Hexagonal and heart shape  cake
pans  are few of the popular shapes .

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