Good Manufacturing practices ( GMP ) in bakeries

GMPS  for  food  handling practices

Good manufacturing practices are basic steps for food or bakery industry to ensure products from being
free from contamination  and any food safety  hazards.

Following are the activity in food handling practices which would help in adhering to GMP's( Good
Manufacturing Practices)

  • Use of color coded equipments

  • Adequate control of product containers

  • Accountability of Ingredients for production - Traceability

  • Temperature control disciplines

  • Risk assessment and HACCP  documentation

  • Control over refused ,clean , covered , emptying frequency

  • Control of Foreign object/Metal detection

  • Between Batch cleaning procedures

  • Proper Sterlisation of surfaces and equipments

  • Full training of  Food handlers

Above are basic requirement for  any bakery  units to follow GMPs

Other GMP's are

Plant and machinery

Pest Management

Source - World food Program

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